'A consummate professional'

Luke came highly recommended by a dear friend for his legal expertise in the area and his flexibility to work around his clients' needs. I was pleased to find these recommendations to be true and fully justified: Luke is a consummate professional and has a very genuine personal care for his clients. Luke unsolicitedly put it upon himself to do whatever he could to actualize the best possible result given the situation. By following Luke's advice, I was able to avoid all possible charges in my case. He is extremely knowledgeable, and his gifted ability to put things into perspective made it extremely easy and pleasurable to work with him. Luke made himself available for a consultation within an hour of calling him; he is invaluably flexible and eager to adapt to each client's scenario however he can. Luke's dedication to service and professionalism makes it highly worthwhile to call him for his services in Central New York.

— Z.F.